A Nice Red

Instant UI colours

A Nice Red is a simple tool for designers and non-designers building websites and apps. From a single custom brand colour, a whole complementary colour palette is generated, including success, warning and error colours as well as shades of grey.

A Nice Red was inspired by a tweet by a friend, who was looking for an easy way to find a useful colour palette that complements a given colour. You can read more about it here.

I tackled this side-project specifically to learn the fundamentals of React. Although I’m not a software engineer, React has become an important tool for my design prototyping.

ReactJS, Tachyons CSS Framework

Side project – design and development


How it works

Paste a hex code or choose a colour from the colour picker to instantly generate the colour palette.

Click to copy

Your colour palette is generated instantly, and the hex codes can be copied to your keyboard with a single click.

All the colours you need

Green for success, amber for warning, red for errors and a range of greys give you the flexibility you need for any UI.